Spontaneousli Sep 22, 2021

Impromptu remote meetings in 1 click.

Those serendipitous office moments, now available remotely. Helping distributed teams connect for a daily virtual coffee. No more finding the right time, meeting invites, call links, or knocking on doors. 

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Scott Markovits

Hey SB community. I'm Scott the founder of Spontaneousli. Before I went remote 10 years ago, I loved the daily micro-interactions with colleagues. Starbucks runs, dropping by someone's desk to schmooze, meeting at the water cooler. In the remote environment, it's been more difficult to have those serendipitous moments. This has been the biggest pain point I've heard from 1000s of company leaders the past year plus.

Thus Spontaneousli was born. Each day, teams can connect for an 8-minute #virtualcoffee. It's based on the availability and interest of each person that day. Not when the company feels it's time to meet. And it's as simple as 1 click.

Companies have been using Spontaneousli to help friends catch up, to meet new colleagues and expand their professional network, for short brainstorming sessions, and to help new remote hires feel more connected to the entire company during onboarding.

Check us out for a 30-day free trial. Would love to hear your feedback.

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