PauseMe Jun 02, 2022

Physical bluetooth button that controls Zoom meetings with a single click

What Is the Product?
The PauseMe Bluetooth® Video and Microphone Controller (VMC) enables you to take control of your virtual meetings.
Use this button to seamlessly toggle between the “off” and “on” setting for your video and microphone on Zoom, you can avoid awkward situations in which parts of your personal life accidentally end up on the screen for your business acquaintances and colleagues to see.

Key Features:
Bluetooth® enabled
No downloads or software required
Compatible with Zoom
Mobile, easy-to-use button for on-the-go moments
Compact design, a light 0.93 ounces

Who Is the Customer?
Corporate professionals with days filled with Zoom meetings, university teachers or students taking virtual Zoom classes, digital nomads who enjoy a virtual office, really anyone who uses Zoom during their day

How Does It Help Them?
With virtual meetings as a norm in today’s global and modern society, work life and personal life can blur together. Dogs bark. Someone rings the doorbell. Spouses walk into view of the camera, unknowingly. PauseMe empowers customers to mute or hide video with a single click with confidence and when they’re ready a quick tap brings them back into their virtual workspace!

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