Selection Criteria

Before you submit your startup, it is important to know the selection criteria that we use to review all submissions. We've outlined some of the most important points that can potentially lead to rejection of your startup listing. These points are intended to help you better prepare your startup before submitting it for our team review.

Your startup should be publicly available

We ask people to submit products that are publicly available to play with immediately. However, sometimes, we may accept private beta product if it provides thorough information about the product (e.g. a good video about product features).

StartupBase is a place to discover latest products and services. Therefore, your product should not be more than one year and it may not be well known among the community.

Public beta or live that anyone can play with

Not available to anyone or just an idea

It should not be featured on StartupBase before

We only feature a startup once unless product updates are substantial, such as launch of a mobile app or complete product redesign with new functionality that was not there previously, to be considered for resubmission. A new feature or updated version of already featured product is not considered substantial.

A mobile app launch or complete redesign with new features

A new feature release or updated version

It must be a technology startup

StartupBase aims to become a platform people should use to discover and to get inspired by technology startups. It's not place to promote your personal blog, online store, local business, newsletter, books, online course or consultancy services (e.g. SEO, advertising, finance, software design or development and other services).

Moreover, your product must have own domain name and it must not be a sub-domain (e.g.

Mobile apps, SaaS, IoT, innovative software and hardware, chrome extensions or IA projects

Blogs, local businesses, online courses, grocery stores or consultancies

It should have a decent design

Using a free template or default Bootstrap style doesn't inspire the visitors and results in less upvotes, social share and sign ups for the newsletter. Therefore, we highly encourage to have a decent website design. We do not feature startups that have websites with little to none product information.

If your product is in private beta yet, then visitors must be able to subscribe to a mailing list to get notified once you launch.

Beautiful landing page with distinct design, custom email signup

Free template, default Bootstrap style, crowdfunded page, no email signup

I'm still confused. Can you help me?

Sure! Please send us an email or tweet @StartupBaseIO anytime. For questions not related to the selection criteria, please go through our frequently asked questions.