Frequently Asked Questions

What is StartupBase?

StartupBase is a community of makers and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. It's a place to discover and get early access to exciting new startups. We're proud of our early adopters.

I'm new to StartupBase. How do I get started?

First of all, you should login (signup) to StartupBase. At the moment, you can login via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can explore the latest startups and exciting tools used by startups. If you are a founder and your startup meets our selection criteria, you can submit it to introduce yourself and your startup to our community. You can also connect to investors, makers and find other very useful resources at StartupBase.

Please read our selection criteria and submit your startup.

User Accounts
Who can create an account on StartupBase?

StartupBase is open to everyone like makers, investors, incubators, mentors, indie hackers, and freelancers. Anyone can signup and make their contribution by listing their products & services as well as providing feedback to other makers.

How do I create an account?

Click on "Log In" button at top right corner of the website and then follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can visit login page to create your account.

Users can only signup / login to StartupBase via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. When you click on "Log in with Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook" button, it will automatically create your account if it does not exist.

Why do I need to log in with Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook?

By logging in with Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you don't need to remember another password. Don't worry, we won't tweet or share on your behalf without your explicit approval. Signing in with Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook is not considered approval to tweet or share on your behalf.

How can I change my email address?

Please email us with your request and include your previous email address and the new one.

How can I change the Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account associated with my StartupBase account?

At the moment, it is not possible to change associated Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. Simply sign up for a new account.

How can I integrate my all Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts?

We allow users to integrate multiple accounts to log in to StartupBase. After logging into StartupBase, navigate to Settings page and then 'Connect Accounts' to integrate multiple accounts.

How do I delete my account?

Once your account deletes, everything you contributed so far will also be deleted including startups you list, comments you made on other products etc. To delete your account, please send us an email with your request.

What types of startups I can submit?

You can only submit technology startups at StartupBase like mobile apps, SaaS, IoT, innovative software and hardware, chrome extensions or artificial intelligence projects. It's not a right place to promote your blog, online store, local business, online course or consultancy services.

How do I submit my startup?

Please go to submit startup page.

What happens after I submit my startup?

We'll do a quick review to check whether it follows our submission guidelines or not. If your startup qualifies, it will be added to featured startups waiting queue. It may take some time (2-3 months) to get featured depending on the number of startups in queue. Please note that it is first come first served list and there is no way to skip the waiting queue. We'll notify you by email once it is featured. However, we offer premium review for startups that want to skip the waiting queue. We'll review and publish your startup (if meet our selection criteria) within 24 hours. You can find more details in your dashboard.

How do you select startups? What is your selection criteria?

Your startup should be publicly available for immediate access of our community, must not have been featured before at StartupBase, should be a technology startup, needs to have own domain, decent website design describing the product features and a way for visitors to sign up for newsletter. For the full criteria, please see this page.

No. We will make no exceptions to our selection criteria. Our criteria is geared towards the preferences of our audience. Startups, not matching the criteria, would therefore have little benefit of getting featured.

How can I know the status of my product submission?

Go to your dashboard. If you do not see your submission listed, make sure that you are signed in with the same account as you used when submitting your startup for review.

It has either not been reviewed yet, or wasn't accepted. It may also be in waiting queue. You can find the current status of your submission in your dashboard.

Why was my startup not accepted?

We couldn't provide you exact reason behind our decision. But it is highly like that your startup didn't meet our selection criteria. Please note that due to the large number of submissions we receive, we can not respond to any inquiry about this. However, we will notify you by email about our decision and all possible reasons of rejection.

We send out weekly Spark newsletters including top startups, resources & deals. Every startup, featured on StartupBase, qualifies to be included in the newsletter. However, it depends on how good your startup does on the day or over the week it has been featured. You can also promote your startup in the newsletter.

The featured startups list on the homepage includes the recently promoted startups. In order to get into featured startups list, your startup must already be published on StartupBase. The promoted startups are displayed in the featured section of the home page as well as in dedicated featured startups page. As a bonus, the highest priced featured startup is also promoted in Spark newsletter sent every Tuesday (Only applicable if startup is featured for at least 7 days).

It doesn't work out for me 😑

We're sorry. Please send us an email or tweet @StartupBaseIO to get further assistance. For questions related to the selection criteria, please read our selection criteria.