Mel Jun 16, 2017

Unsubscribe from physical mail

How much of your mail goes straight to the recycling bin? How often are you fooled into opening "Important!" mail that contains yet another credit card offer?

Enter Mel. Just snap a photo of junk mail, and Mel will get in touch with the sender to ensure they never waste resources mailing you again.

Goals of Mel:
1) Reduce wasted ink, paper, and gasoline in the production and delivery of junk mail
2) Reduce strain on municipal recycling systems
3) Make receiving mail fun again
4) Simplify people's lives

Currently, Mel uses a global workforce to transcribe the mail, and a domestic workforce to research and contact companies. Ultimately, OCR and a database of unsubscribe endpoints will eliminate much of this work. Eventually, parts of the unsubscribe process itself may be automated.

$3/piece or $10/month

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