Yizy Mar 26, 2021

Give Meaning to your Screenshots and Bookmarks

Greetings Everyone😊,

I was a freelance web designer for 2 years and a lot of my time would involve cool-looking websites. Often, I’d use a tool like Evernote to capture great designs and write notes about them. These notes usually involved the color palette and fonts used. It got extremely tedious continually ‘inspecting’ websites and typing up notes - I really didn’t have the time. Then is when I thought about building a micro-SaaS app that can solve this.

Yizy uses a web browser extension to bookmark a website, take a screenshot of the current page and automatically pull in relevant information, such as color palettes and CSS property, from the page source. It also allows you to put both Comment and CSS annotations on your screenshots and images. The CSS annotation includes CSS properties of any selected part of a web page being screenshot (pulled automatically from the website).

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