Gluetrail May 31, 2024

Create guides & videos, 10X faster

Gluetrail is a chrome extension that allows you to create support/training/marketing assets within minutes, just from a screen and audio recording. ✨

From one single recording, Gluetrail leverages your screen+clicks+audio transcript, and AI, to:
✒️ automatically create articles with screenshots (step by step, blog post...)
🎬 create enhanced videos using our online video editor (remove filler words/background noise or add an AI voice from text, zoom ins, accelerate...)
📣 adapt the content and publish it on 3rd party platforms using our Notion, Confluence,... integrations, on a Gluetrail public page or simply download it

Sign up on our website to get started and create tutorials, product demos, feature/product launch assets, knowledge base articles, personalised sales videos... 🚀

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