Mailmeteor May 30, 2019

Send hundreds of personalized emails with Gmail

Mailmeteor lets you run mailmerge campaigns so that every of your recipients get a personalized email. Send 100 emails per day for FREE - upgrade to get more quota ($24.99 / year).


➤ Email a lot of people quickly
➤ Track your emails sent in real time
➤ Increase your answer rate dramatically



1. Add contacts in Gsheets. Open Google Sheets, fill your sheet with recipients data. Each column represents a personalized field. Column titles will be used as variables in your email.
2. Create new email template. Run Mailmeteor by going to Add-ons menu > Mailmeteor > Start mail merge. Create an email template directly in Mailmeteor interface. Add variables using double brackets like this: {{firstname}}. Variables must match column titles.
3. Preview emails and send. Once you're done setting up the campaign, you're all set to test and send!


WEBSITE : https://mailmeteor.com
CONTACT US : hello@mailmeteor.com

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