Echelon Supply Chain Solutions Mar 21, 2021

Purchasing and inventory managed eServices for businesses

Echelon Supply Chain Solutions provides commercial and industrial clients with hands-off always-on purchasing and inventory eServices.

RANGE OF SERVICES: Our highly configurable eService plans provide:

• Automated purchasing
• Point-of-use stock reordering via our wireless IoT technology
• Inventory optimization
• Consigned inventory (VMI) management
• Demand planning
• Supplier/consumer collaboration
• Supplier monitoring

We support a diverse range of commercial and industrial clients that must maintain high-volume product, material, and/or supply inventories in a way that optimally keeps pace with customer demand.

UNIQUE CLOUD-BASED SERVICE MODEL: We provide our cloud-based eServices either standalone or tightly connected to existing ERP/WMS systems, augmented by our hands-on purchasing and inventory specialists.


• Lower transaction costs
• Improved stock availability
• Reduced inventory
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Facilitated consigned inventory (VMI) management
• Flexibility: Customer-facing, supplier-facing, or both
• Extended support staff

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