Curatora Nov 03, 2021

Discover, curate and publish content that your audience love

Curatora is a content discovery and curation service. It helps you discover trending and valuable content across the web in your niche. And easily share it with your Social Media audience.

Discover - Auto-magically get your hands on relevant content in real-time. Each time. Every-time.

Curate - Quickly review and choose the right articles to share.

Publish - Schedule and publish to multiple social media platforms in one quick go.

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Mohammed Imtiyaz

Hi, I am Imtiyaz, Iā€™m the co-founder of Curatora - A content curation and social media publishing platform.

We started building Curatora just a few months back but the story started at least 7 years ago when we set off to create a human-curated reading list for entrepreneurs. This led us down the rabbit hole of information overload and the thoughtful way to deal with it. Over the years we built internal tools, processes, and systems to make our job easy in curating 100s of content pieces from 1000s of sources on a daily basis. Fast forward to 2021, we have now packed all our learning, experience, and code into a powerful application and made it available for everyone to use and benefit from.

Curatora is a content curation platform that helps anyone sort through hundreds of articles very easily and seamlessly to find the best content to share on their social media platforms.

So, if you struggle to find time to keep your social media streams active with fresh and engaging content, you should try out Curatora!

And please feel free to let me know your feedback and ideas on what you think about Curatora and how we can improve it. :)


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