Codeflow Apr 19, 2020

Understand a codebase quicker with PowerPoint-like tutorials

We're Rishabh, Aashish, Noah, and Moksh, the creators of Codeflow: a tool for building intuitive documentation for code. You can check it out here:


One common theme we found between our experiences is it was often difficult to start working on a project and typically took many rounds of discussions to understand the flow of the code. Tools like Dropbox Paper and Confluence are great at communicating high-level specifications for engineers, but fail to capture nuances needed for new engineers to continue developing.

Codeflow is our attempt at a solution. It allows engineers to easily build powerpoint-like tutorials, which focus on stepping through the code logically. We hope it can become a centralized repository of tutorials designed to capture an engineer's thought process and make ramp up more efficient.

Here's an example of a tutorial built using Codeflow:


We'd love some feedback!

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