Medullar Jun 07, 2024

Medullar, your all-in-one solution to streamline data discovery

Are you tired of navigating through endless apps and platforms just to find a single piece of information? Meet Medullar, your all-in-one solution to streamline data discovery and management. Our product connects to over 60 applications, allowing you to perform a federated search across your entire digital ecosystem. With Medullar, you can search using natural language, making complex queries as simple as chatting with a colleague.

Medullar's standout feature, Smart Search, leverages advanced AI to understand and interpret your search intent, providing precise results effortlessly. Whether you need to find an email, a document, or a presentation from various platforms, Medullar has you covered. We're currently in the proving stage, focusing on gaining early adopters to test and provide valuable feedback.

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