Alkubot Mar 11, 2020

Sell more and give less with a gamified sales chatbot

Say goodbye to intrusive, low converting pop-ups. Increase revenue and optimize coupons/discounts with an intelligent gamified sales chatbot.

Got a dedicated Sales/Clearance page for your store? Then let Alkubot, the pop-up alternative sell your unwanted inventory.

Looking for higher conversion rates?
Sales gamification: Gamify your webshop shopping experience and let your visitors play for their discounts.

Want to earn more while saving even more?
Automated discounts: Give discounts when needed and as much as necessary with a sales chatbot.

Struggling to get more emails?
Grow your list instead of using pop-ups: as an incentive-based solution, visitors will give their email before a discount code.

Gamified Discount Chatbot
Imagine that a potential buyer is browsing your store. But somehow he is not committed to buying so he is thinking about leaving your store. That is when Alkubot comes to save the day, by starting a negotiation chat with the visitor and playfully selling your products by giving a discount.

Optimized Conversion Rate
Most customers

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Hefler Katalin

The best app that I used for my webshop. :)

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