Bagify Sep 13, 2022

Create Cross-sells, Upsells & goal based Progress bar Offers. 🛒🏷️🛍️

What is Bagify?
Bagify helps you to increase average order value and profit by showing offers (discounted & non-discounted offers) to customers on storefront. When customers click on "Add to cart" button, Bagify will show cart drawer and shows cart items along with offers that match cart rules which are set by merchants on Bagify app back-end.

Offers can be discounted or non-discounted i.e show cross-sell product with discount rate or without discount option.

Offer Types
You can create following types of offer using Bagify app:

Cross-sells or Upsells Offers
Progress bar Offers
Cross-sells or Upsells Offers

Cross-sell by offering customers a deal on popular accessories, add-ons, or related products.

Upsell them by discounting a more expensive version of the item they added. Then watch your order values skyrocket!

Progress Bar Offers
The progress bar offers to get more items in the customer's cart.

Set goals and show customers their progress on reaching them as they add items to their cart. Our progress bars feature four types of offers

Free Shipping, Gifts, Discount on the cart, and Product Offer.

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