Kleptofinder Feb 23, 2023

Take control of your digital property

Have you ever had a plan to protect the visual content used in your Instagram account or website?

Since you're uploading your NFT's and Photos online, they are bound to get stolen and used by other people for commercial purposes which is illegal.

To fight back, we have established Kleptofinder, a new concept tool that can look for photos published in your Instagram account, website, or other social platforms ( blog, Twitter, and Pinterest URL ) that have been stolen online.

Kleptofinder provides a detailed report on which platform and website have used your content and even selects the mentioned website to investigate how they have used your digital property.

You can use it to search for things like logos, graphics, or photos in JPEG or PNG formats.

KleptoFinder will display the location of where it was published, where it may have been uploaded, and possibly all platforms that have been using your visual content.

In addition, the team at Kleptofinder can help you take legal actions by reporting the user for copyright infringement. You will be accompanied throughout the process and can always refer back to us for legal advice.

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💬 Discussion

zeeshan usaf

Hello Congratulations on launching.

I checked your project its very cool and beneficial for the investors, but the investors don,t know how they can invest on your project.

And they go to another token and invest there.

You know why your investor is Redirect to another project?

Because you don’t create any video about that. ( How to buy the token).

So you must to create the video like that for your project and then you can see the result.

For creating the video like this Reply me and we will discuss about that.



Thank you very much for you comment. But on our training section you can see demo videos on how everything works.
Best regards

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