Zig Apr 03, 2019

Collaboration for modern creative production

Creative projects have crews that include coworkers, external partners, subcontractors and clients. Zig gets everyone on the same page and focused on the same goal. Hit the 🥅get the 🎉

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Hi Everyone! Happy to be part of StartupBase!

We made Zig for people producing events, commercials and interactive experiences. We're producers ourselves, and often had issues pulling together teams, keeping in touch with freelancers, and knowing who was available when a new job started.

We created Zig as a way for people from different companies to work together in one space. We're hoping it can grow to be a community that helps freelancers build better networks, gives producers an easier way to build teams and execute projects, and gives everyone more stability.

We have a lot of plans, so we're looking forward to hearing from you. -Neil

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