Z-Stream Mar 07, 2021

The ultimate agile management, product development and issue-tracking tool

Z-Stream is a full-service workflow tool, which helps change the way organizations approach project management, teamwork, product development, and execution. Z-Stream is the result of a lot of thought and hard work. Built by agile developers for agile teams, Z-Stream software was created as a comprehensive solution to product development. Z-Stream is reshaping the way distributed teams build software.

Z-Stream dashboards and reporting allows companies to get a complete overview of the team's key initiatives. With Z-Stream, project managers can set up custom dashboards for every team to track and report everyone's goals, targets, and KPIs.
Here is what you get with our product:
- Filter and sort 10x faster than spreadsheets
- No duplicating data just to get a new view
- Easily add files and images and view them in the browser
- Get enterprise-level role management

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