Wylo Jul 06, 2020

Exploring the internet and networking made easier

Wylo is a social networking app that helps you explore and find content from across the internet and connect with like-minded people. Everything based on your interests.

What makes Wylo unique?
1) It brings the best content to you from across the internet and lets you filter everything based on your choice.
2) Wylo helps you find and connect with people having interests similar to you so you can explore, learn, and collaborate with them.
3) Interest Patterns (available on the main launch) on Wylo help you understand their interests better with usage stats.
4) It has topic-specific communities for you to have thought-provoking discussions.
5) It's a platform for like-minded people to learn from each other, collaborate, and make the most out of the internet.

We built Wylo with a vision to make it easier for everyone to explore the unsorted cluster on the internet. When users connect with the right people and easily find the right information from all over the internet, they can have insightful discussions on those topics. This creates room for faster growth of people and brings opportunities for them to collaborate and set out to do new things.

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