Workativ Mar 12, 2020

A simple AI + Automation SaaS platform to build a Digital Virtual Assistant

Workativ Assistant is a cognitive workplace automation SaaS suite designed to transform the way companies provide IT support to employees. To reduce helpdesk costs, Workativ Assistant helps companies purpose-build an efficient Virtual Assistant with out-of-the-box automation capabilities to help employees resolve repetitive issues and service requests autonomously without the need to contact Helpdesk. 

Workativ Assistant fully automates a request, e.g. the onboarding new employee, creating and managing distribution lists, unlocking accounts, and much more. Because of a fully automated solution, the time on resolving issues and requests is drastically reduced, enabling more productivity for both employees and IT Help Desk teams.

Workativ Assistant provides:

- Call Deflection
- Ticket Automation
- Conversational AI & Self Service
- Automated Resolution
- 24/7 Availability
- Cost Reduction in IT Support
- Slack & Microsoft Teams chat-based IT Support.

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