WEEEK Sep 05, 2019

Easy Project and Task Management for Teams

WEEEK is a convenient and easy project management service that will allow you to organize your team’s workflow effectively and also to save the time.

Your work area contains the tools, such as a calendar and boards, which will help you to work on projects according to Scrum methodology, a built-in Pomodoro timer and a tool for meditation! You can create plans for teamwork and make them private, automate tasks and make them repetitive, as well as analyze and control the execution.

Convenient planning

A wide range of WEEEK functions and tools will allow your team to plan their time and workflow in the most convenient way.

Transparent execution

If your team consists of not only full-time, but also remote employees, you can control everyone’s workflow, because all tasks are visible in one window. Thanks to the timer, you can track how much time they spend on a particular job.


Add and structure tasks, move them inside the workspace or between projects. Actualize jobs and change their priority.

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