Voyage Jul 20, 2021

Review features collaboratively

Have you ever heard "this just worked a minute ago..." during a demo? Maybe you've asked, or been asked, "How's that feature coming along?". Or perhaps you've thought "Do I really need to jump on a Zoom call to show this feature?". If so, then let me introduce you to Voyage.

In today's work culture, many of our teams are remote, which makes it nearly impossible to collaborate when reviewing features that need to be released.

Do we wait for a demo link to be updated or schedule a Zoom call and share our screens? Do we send countless spreadsheets back and forth with update requests and bugs?

Use Voyage to automatically create deployment previews of your application, no matter how complex!

Voyage will automatically create a unique URL for each preview, and provide built-in feedback tools so you can review your app from within your app!

You might be thinking integrating Voyage will be a total pain, but a few lines of code will get you started, and Voyage will not interfere with your existing infrastructure or pipelines.

Let Voyage make development a team sport so you can release your features faster.

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