VIPhawk Nov 08, 2017

Find out when VIPs (like Investors) use your signup form.

You're getting tons of signups every day, but would you know if a major investor, journalist, or celebrity was one of them? Or if one of your competitors started snooping on your new features?

VIPhawk is simple - it watches your signups and detects when there's interest from VIPs like journalists, celebrities, investors, or anyone you think is important. Then, it flags that signup and optionally notifies you via email or text message.

How does VIPhawk work? VIPhawk leverages a proprietary database of high-value individuals and organizations, that even includes personal email addresses of important A-list prospects. When someone uses your signup form, VIPhawk checks to see if that person or organization is in its database.

For most VIPs, VIPhawk also offers detailed background information like social networks, photos, websites, and more. Over 2.3M VIPs are being tracked by the database across over a dozen categories, so you'll never miss out on an important signup.

You can integrate VIPhawk's real-time notifications by including one line of javascript on your site, or build a custom integration using VIPhawk's API. You can also check signups for VIPs manually by uploading a CSV of signups.

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