UserUp Feb 12, 2024

Composable User Platform

UserUp is a composable user platform as a service built for developers. We believe access to enriched user data, whether it be attributes or event data should be accessible at runtime vs being warehouse-first. We also believe building user insights should be accessible to those that starting their company journey, like ours, and not have the cost & complexities associated with product analytics stacks (segment, pendo, etc).

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patrick nguyen

Hey Everyone!

We understand the challenges of dealing with user data when it’s distributed across your stack. This complexity can create additional hurdles in gathering user insights or building user-centric features. We’ve experienced these challenges at companies we’ve worked for and during our own startup journey. So we’ve chosen to address this issue head-on because, quite frankly, we’d rather not have to deal with it again, and believe you shouldn’t have to either. :)

You can sign up for early access through https://userup.io or hit us up in discord: https://discord.gg/F9yFxmK5Ts

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