Urlo Feb 18, 2022

A social audio app to record, listen, comment, and save audios

Urlo is a social audio app where you can record audio,
listen to others' content, comment using voice, and
save the audio to listen offline.

Are you working? Are you driving? Are you cooking? Entertain your sense by listening to what you like, whenever,
wherever, and while doing whatever! Comedy, News, Shows, Podcasts, Talks, Interviews and Fun Soundbites. Listen to what excites you!

Using Urlo you can:
*Stream and organise your podcasts with our free app
*Communicate with anyone through voice
*You can reliably record your meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, and songs with high quality.
*Share something exciting with followers
*Comment on audio posts with voice
*Receive hundreds of honest anonymous comments through voice 
*search for audios and people and listen from anywhere.
*share the best podcast with all your followers.
*comment on other publications and open new discussions.
*Like, save, favourite, download and listen later

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