upRive Nov 13, 2020

Create and scale Facebook ads quickly and efficiently 🚀

We developed upRive from the ground up specifically to solve those four core problems in Facebook ads. Here is what upRive provides:

✅ upRive reusable ads maintain social proof and increase your CTR.
✅ upRive noverlap automatically eliminates overlap across your adsets, which lowers costs.
✅ upRive CBO efficiently allocates your budget to get more for your spending.
✅ upRive research unlocks hundreds of more relevant interests and breaks them down by categories.

If you currently use Facebook ads, you will see value in the simplicity and flow to create and optimize campaigns.

The elections are over, and black Friday is only a few days away. Now is the best time to make your Q4 the best ever 🤑.

Having managed Facebook ads for hundreds of clients over the past seven years and developed the platform using the Facebook API, I am happy to answer any questions about upRive or anything Facebook ads.

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