Twigse May 26, 2021

Twigse is an Open Network for business management and digital asset.

The Twigse platform will help you effectively manage your business and digital asset, connect companies in partnership pools and alliances, and join forces to solve common problems and challenges .

By uniting into pools, companies will be able to jointly increase working capital, combine the experience of partners and employees, increase their product range and client base, share marketing and promotion expenses, and enter new markets.

Corporations and network companies get the opportunity to create internal networks to manage departments and employees, grow by opening new branches and acquiring platform companies 🚀.

Companies will be able to use the platform's DeFi banking, which includes all the tools of a modern bank, from deposits and transactions to company lending and personalized financial services.

The platform provides a lot of resources for daily business: information channels and business chats, the workflow between departments, personnel management, payroll and other useful tools.

Moreover for crediting and instant money transactions between companies we developed our coin - TWIG. It guarantees full anonymity and security of transactions, maximum interest, no fees, and the ability to block and return funds.

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