TrendLab Nov 27, 2020

AI-powered insights based on your consumer's behaviours

TrendLab is GoogleTrends on steroids, including Demographics — Discover fast-growing trends and get a Market Intelligence and Customer Insights report for any topic, product, or company.

TrendLab brings actionable insights to investors, makers, e-commerce sellers, data insights, and R&D teams. By analyzing public data across the internet (search, social media, and news) we can help you better understand your customers and industry.

TrendLab currently has two products: Trend Discovery Tool and Market Intelligence and Customer Insights Platform.

This tool uses AI to generate comprehensive reporting on a keyword of your choice. You can search for a specific product, topic, industry, or company and gain insights on the following data points:

⭐️ Trend Status (Exploding, Regular, Peaked, Climbing Slope, and Plateau)
⭐️ 5 years of search, social media and news data
⭐️ 12 months of predictions
⭐️ Hot News (Online, Offline, Global and Local)
⭐️ Demographics (Age, Gender, Locations...)
⭐️ Seasonality (Time of the Year and Day and Time of the Week)
⭐️ Related Trends
⭐️ Many more…

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