TrackBug Apr 25, 2022

Collaborate directly on websites to share feedback, bugs, and manage idea

A visual platform to share feedback, bugs, collaborate, and manage ideas with your peers and clients.
Start communicating visually with your peers and clients by collaborating directly on websites to share feedback, bugs, and manage ideas.

TrackBug allows you to:
1. Drop annotations anywhere on any webpage
2. Discuss and resolve annotations in real-time
3. Share technical information with developers E.g. OS, Browser, and viewport sizes

Capture > Prioritise > Track > Release = 😍 TrackBug

Use TrackBug to:
• Collect feedback from your team and clients
• Point out bugs in real-time
• Annotate and leave feedback directly on your websites
• Track and share content updates
• Communicate visual design ideas clearly

• Annotate, Capture and Comments on websites
• Keyboard shortcuts for a seamless workflow
• Easy to use and collaborate
• Work on all major browsers

TrackBug is awesome for:
• Product owners & project managers
• UX and UI designers
• Developers and Engineer
• Startup

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