Tixio May 04, 2022

Work as a team without the clutter! Organize, optimize & coordinate.

Tixio is a virtual workspace to organize your digital clutter, connect with a team and sync real-time / asynchronously. Imagine the time you could save if you had everything at one place and the option to share at once.

Manage unlimited bookmarks, notes, tasks and information on Tixio board. Organize thousands of links without a mess, turn open tabs into your creative bookmark collections in seconds. Create a company wiki to centralize important company knowledge in one place. Use templates to create documents faster. Sync cloud storages to navigate files altogether. Find what you need in the workspace in no time with our unified search - sort, filter and navigate better. Add unlimited members with access control. Share your data publicly or within members. Use workspace analytics to take impactful decisions over member interactions. All of this powerful features under one roof - with no complexity!

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