Tinker Bot May 30, 2017

A chat bot that teaches you by chatting with it.

Tinker Bot is an Artificial Intelligence based Chat Bot geared towards redefining Indian Education System. Tinker Bot uses Facebook messenger as its main platform to teach learners and students by chatting with them. With the help of conversational chat forms, it creates an unique engagement with students and enhances one-to-one learning. Tinker Bot also tests the knowledge of user by asking various questions related to the topic and explains the answer if user selects the wrong answer.
Tinker Bot also uses Natural Language Processing to understand informal and common expressions and phrases and chats with the user. Also, Tinker Bot is a news hub for all the readers who don’t have time to read whole news, hence Tinker Bot sends “Newsboards” which is graphical representation of news summary.
Currently, Tinker Bot teaches General Knowledge spread across 8 categories and soon there will be many interesting out of the syllabus courses and board curriculums. Within one month of launch, there have been 11000+ conversations and the user base is growing massively everyday.

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