TIL Mar 15, 2021

Take hassle-free notes and turn them into knowledge

We are a team of product builders at heart who experienced major challenges while sharing knowledge in our teams and across divisions. That's why we developed #TIL: to make it a hassle-free experience for everyone.

#TIL empowers you to flexibly share information, make them valuable and easily accessible for everyone. Turn your daily notes into a powerful knowledge base in a gamified way.

☝️ Easy Access
Type first, manage later! Creating a post is always only one keystroke away. Just start typing and add relevant tags – without worrying about folders anymore!

🎯 Gamified Experience
Knowledge management should be fun! #TIL's playful challenges encourage your whole team to contribute – which makes your knowledge base even more valuable.

💗 Flexible Usage
Your workspace grows with you – no setup required. Just start posting, our smart tagging system will take care of the rest. It is so easy, even your grandma would understand is.

#TIL is for everybody. We want to know how different users interact with #TIL. We actively encourage you to communicate your wishes, needs and desires, so you can actively shape the product to even better fit your needs.

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