Taskiness Jul 23, 2017

The World’s First Natural Language Processing To-Do List

With over 1300 people that have already signed to use our product, Taskiness is on its way to reinvent to-do lists. 🎉

These people just like you want to stop changing to-do list app every 6 months. They want to stop organizing and start doing. They want to dramatically increase their productivity! 📈

Like them, we tried to use all to-do apps, and ended up using a text file on our desktop and notes on our smartphone. 📱

Taskiness is the first intelligent note-based productivity tool. Taskiness is the first step towards a world where tasks are actually done and people spend more time doing than organizing.

Taskiness turns your notes into tasks. ☑️

• Freedom. Organize the way you want, not the way the software wants.
• Easy input. Quickly add notes to your Taskiness.
• Natural language. Write the way you want. We understand your notes to empower them.
• Synchronization. All your thoughts accross all devices in a single place.
• Focus. Only see the tasks that matter to you at the moment.
• Snooze. Avoid tasks accumulation with easy postponement.
• Rich text. We extract priorities, deadlines and much more from your notes.

Taskiness is the last to-do list you will ever need to use!

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Atta ⚡️

Wish I had found this before my SNLP exam. lol

A great product indeed 👏

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