SurrealDB Jul 25, 2022

The ultimate cloud database for tomorrow’s applications

SurrealDB is a scalable document-graph database that allows users and developers to focus on building their applications rather than architecting and managing their infrastructure. SurrealDB allows users to use schema-less and schema-full data patterns effortlessly, with the ability to operate like a relational database with SQL (albeit without the JOINs), but with the same advanced functionality as the best NoSQL document and graph databases. SurrealDB was designed to enable users to build modern real-time applications effortlessly - with the ability to query right from Chrome, Edge, or Safari, removing the need for complicated database backends and APIs - with advanced row-by-row security and access permissions handled right within the database itself.

SurrealDB's vision is to be the world’s go-to database for building applications, a platform where developers don’t have to think about their platform’s architecture, when what they really want is to focus on their apps.

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