Stairway.io May 22, 2017

Recycle your Social Media Content

Stairway.io is your simple platform for recycling your evergreen website/blog content on social media. We automatically create a library of social media post from your existing tweets, find out the best time to post to your twitter account and re-share one article on your timeline every day. With our tool you can save up to 2 hours per week and increase your website traffic up to 100%.

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Jan Featured

Hello the founder here,
Happy to answer any questions. Looking for feedback on our new app. We built this because we feel that other scheduling apps are to complicated to set up and run. With stairway.io pretty much everything is automated. Set up literally takes 60 seconds, new updates get added to the app automatically and you do not to worry about any settings. Just simple scheduling.

Also @attacomsian. The maker has the same name as me, but that's about it. Maybe you can change me to the maker of this product. Thank you

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