Shub.one Jan 01, 2020

A social media platform designed for the business community

Shub.one announces the Re-launch of its business social media platform for professional networking. The platform helps professionals, influencers, brands & businesses showcase their products & services while cross-posting to all major social media sites.

Users can now share unlimited content free of charge from their news stream across LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Current features under development include cross-posting to Pinterest & Instagram.

User profiles allow brands & businesses to share news, links, images text & video content to the News Stream which features an up/down-vote system to minimise fake news & troll posts. An echo feature allows users to share other users content on their news stream instantly.

A beautifully uncluttered user-friendly interface where brands & businesses can create a professional profile page with a unique domain name whilst adding links to all of their external online content. Each profile is assigned a unique QR code for easy sharing & also has a profile share feature that collects all the important profile details into a cut/paste function.

This feature-rich platform is designed to host business news, image & video galleries, resumes, recruitment updates, contact details, promotional

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Shub one

Shub.one Launches business social media platform.

London UK - Today sees the launch of the eagerly anticipated Shub.one business social media platform. A new platform for both B2B and B2C businesses to promote their brand, products and services. With a host of features on the platform to help businesses of all sizes and particularly those that sit within the SME and Micro categories.
The creators of Shub.one say “Small, medium and micro (freelance) businesses have been left to fight for virtual space amongst corporates for too long. We built this platform for them and for their customers.” says Mark Fryer, founding partner.
The current features include:
• The ability for anyone to share details with a click (tap). This allows the user to share however they need to via SMS, Messenger App, email and so on.
• Ability to review as often as required.
• An area where all current social media & external links can be added.
• A resume & project timeline with photos videos and links
• Profile page with full bio, contact details, promo video links (Youtube, Vimeo etc).
• Unique user QR code for easy sharing
• News feed for businesses to post updates to business followers.
• Up/Down vote feature on news feed comments. Great for routing out any unsavoury or unwanted posts.
With many more features currently in the pipeline for staggered release and mobile apps in development.
So what’s the price tag?
“Shub.one is free to use for all businesses. Creating a profile is free, posting is f

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