Rygbee May 24, 2017

Rygbee helps users develop their ideas/projects with AI boosted suggestions

We waste of lot of our productive time in workplace, schools, and research labs, trying to come up with novel innovative ideas and then to execute them in effective and speedy ways. This can have very serious impact on our career growth.

Lack of collective innovation is a result of lack of right intellectual triggers at the right time, and then speedy effortless dissemination of individual findings. It has been scientifically validated that team creativity can only be possible through individual creativity, and not the other way round. Therefore, unless the individual creativity is triggered, just note-taking or collaborative brainstorming or idea exchanging will not be of much help. Rygbee is eliminating this void.

Rygbee understands how the user is developing her ideas and predicts her flow of thinking. Based on that it intelligently suggests various creative leads (material and human resources) that can boost further curiosity, exploration, intuition, and also trigger effective brainstorming.

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