Rimuut Nov 06, 2020

Invoice and Payment Solutions for Freelancers

Rimuut, an Estonian startup, removes the most common commercial problem of all freelancers across the world: Issuing valid VAT invoices and getting paid without having a registered company. EU-based Rimuut creates an alternative to business registration for freelancers who, with the paradigm-shift to a more independent work routine, wonโ€™t settle down for a company. Freelancers, wherever they may be based, can register in a minute and start issuing valid VAT invoices, which can be used for tax returns by the clients. As itโ€™s a pay-as-you-go system, there is no signup fee or monthly cost, which makes Rimuut a safe starting point for digital nomads and freelancers before they even consider incorporation. The system which has been designed to fit local and international tax regulations, lets Rimuut become userโ€™s digital service reseller, which in turn enables Rimuut to sell services to related clients on behalf of freelancers. By removing problems such as the notary, accountant costs and time needed to establish a company, Rimuut transforms freelancers into virtual companies and handles BSP processes for them. When clients make their payments to Rimuut, the freelancer payout is completed within 24 hours and in 50 different currencies.

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