Righty Jul 17, 2017

Human- AI Relationship= SMS based human virtual assistant for $35 / month.

Righty is an existing SMS-based virtual assistant service that makes the case for an AI – Human partnership.

We have built a bot that helps someone be a virtual assistant so one assistant can manage many clients and therefore lower the cost. The result is a human virtual assistant service that uses AI to lower the cost of a 40hr/week virtual assistant to $35/month so anyone and not just CEOs can have full-time secretaries.

We maximize people's productivity by scheduling meetings, helping them plan their day, enforce their goals so you can concentrate on what’s important.

From 9am-5pm you will have a REAL human that you can text to be your right hand and help with anything you may need for just $35/ month. Works for business owners, lawyers, professionals, parents, students, etc.

You can text for information, feedback on something, to keep you accountable, to remind you of something (instead of setting a reminder you text your Righty, It's like having a secretary and an awesome experience), you can cc them to an email and they'll do the back and forth of scheduling. They are there to take away stress and make your life easier.

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