Resizing.app Dec 11, 2019

Convert, optimize, and resize your images online in only one easy click

FREE Resizing.app service allows you to resize your images, optimize them without losing quality, and convert to JPEG, PNG, or WebP.

If you have ever wondered how to resize an image quickly, and with no compromise in quality, then the Resizing.app service is a perfect fit for you. With a new and entirely FREE Resizing.app extension you can resize images, optimize pictures without losing quality, and convert them at no time and right in your browser!

** RESIZE **
Resize your images online by width, height, or set your custom parameters.

Compress and optimize your image keeping the quality.

Transform your images to multiple formats supported: JPEG, PNG, WebP.

- = Your Privacy = -
Our image resizer processes your images locally in your browser, so, we don't have access to your files.


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