Recall Nov 30, 2021

A note-taking tool focused on your personal interests.

I started working on Recall because I wanted a note-taking tool where I could add information on things I am interested in, the tool would then tell me how this information relates to anything I have added in the past. For instance, if I were to add a movie to my “Watchlist”, the tool should highlight all the people, topics or themes it has in common with movies I have already added.

Recall does this by allowing you to quickly make summarized notes with information from places like Wikipedia, Good Reads, IMDB, Google Knowledge Graph, etc. New information that you add to Recall is automatically connected with your existing notes helping you find commonalities within your notes.

You can sign up to use Recall here: https://www.recall.wiki/

Here is a quick video explanation of Recall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW021YGc16s

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