RamSync Sep 10, 2021

Connect, organize, and visualize your notes and thoughts!

RamSync connects, organizes and visualizes knowledge. Built by researchers RamSync supports learning, creativity, and productivity.

RamSync is the first organizational platform designed to support the natural connections between thoughts and ideas, supporting intuitive knowledge management.

By leveraging advanced graph visuals and connection, RamSync drives learning and sparks creativity. Unlock the power of your notes with non-linear note taking in RamSync!

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Hello StartupBase! I'm Garrett, one of the two Cofounders and would love to answer any questions you have.

We just released our beta, are super excited to share it with you, and would excited any feedback you have.

RamSync is an intuitive note management system, designed to quickly build your personal knowledge database though connected thoughts

Christina Lommatsch

Hi StartupBase! I'm Dr. Christina Lommatsch, one of the founders of RamSync! We love helped others to learn, connect, and organize their thoughts through intelligent visualizations that capitalize on human's spatial reasoning skills. Check out our beta, throw some feedback at us, and get connecting!


David Roell

This tool is a lot of fun.

I was intimidated by the possibilities at the start, but now I've replaced powerpoint/visio as my flow chart tool as ramsync is much faster to use.

The ability to make notes on nodes gives a huge amount of flexibility and depth to the tool. Mapping out related concepts is giving me an edge professionally for thought pieces and priorities discussion.


@kibrael Thank you! So glad you are enjoying RamSync and having fun with the visualizations!

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