Pull Checklist Jul 26, 2023

Smart checklists and automations for your Github PRs and Issues

Pull Checklist is a Github app for building smart checklists and automations.

Whether you're looking to subtly remind your team to adhere to best coding practices or there are non-negotiable manual actions that need to be complied with before merging a PR. Pull Checklist is equipped to handle it all, making it an easier and more maintainable alternative to GitHub actions. Ensure every pull request aligns with your team's unique requirements and build your automations today.

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Hey folks, I'm Michael from Pull Checklist. We designed Pull Checklist with a specific aim in mind – to address compliance issues related to code maintenance and management of manual tasks right within your Github Pull Request process.

During my time as a Data Scientist at Monzo Bank and an Engineer at Intercom, I witnessed firsthand how fragmented manual processes often led to overlooked steps. This persistent issue inspired the creation of Pull Checklist. The concept is straightforward: you construct a condition-based checklist using our editor, which then integrates seamlessly into your Github Pull Requests. The real magic? Your checklists can be configured to appear based on certain conditions like number of lines added or what files were changed and you can prevent merging until all tasks are complete.

This tool is perfect for inspiring your team to comply with specific coding standards and ensures that manual tasks, like updating other teams or internal documentation, are never sidelined.

Please check it out and feel free to share your thoughts here in the thread or via the Intercom widget on the site. Thank you!

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