PowerBuy May 20, 2022

A checkout experience that converts shoppers into customers

What is PowerBuy?
PowerBuy is a new kind of checkout experience that helps you convert shoppers into customers. PowerBuy Checkout takes your shoppers on fun & interactive path to purchase that enables you to see 8x more orders.

How it works
As an eCommerce brand, all you have to do is set up a PowerBuy, which is just like a quantity-based discount. So you get to choose 1) A minimum quantity of items 2) A % off to be applied once that minimum quantity is achieved.

Shoppers need to add the minimum number of items to realize the discount. They can do this individually or bring in friends so they can add items to the cart as well. By setting tiers, merchants enjoy larger orders while shoppers enjoy larger discounts.

As an eCommerce brand, you only pay the discount when the transaction happens. When you incentivize your shoppers to bring in other shoppers you get the same results as Facebook or Instagram ads without the costs. Stop paying for ads that charge you for clicks with no guaranteed order.

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