PODlify Mar 02, 2023

Automation tool that helps print-on-demand artists earn more and save time

PODlify is a cloud-based automation tool that helps passive income earners in the print-on-demand (POD) space multiply footprint, and therefore earn more money, and save time.

Print-on-demand marketplaces have a slow and clunky upload interface. An artist can easily spend 20 minutes just to upload one design to one marketplace.

PODlify provides a much faster interface so artists can upload once to PODlify, and have it push to multiple marketplaces on their behalf.

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πŸ’¬ Discussion

zeeshan usaf

Hello Congratulations on launching.

I checked your project its very cool and beneficial for the investors, but the investors don,t know how they can invest on your project.

And they go to another token and invest there.

You know why your investor is Redirect to another project?

Because you don’t create any video about that. ( How to buy the token).

So you must to create the video like that for your project and then you can see the result.

For creating the video like this Reply me and we will discuss about that.


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