Plan Harmony Oct 03, 2022

Collaborative Trip Planning Tool

🤓 A few months ago I took the nerdiest approach to planning a trip to Italy. I built a web app to plan with friends and now it's in a beta release. All with the goal of making planning travel with friends easier.

🗓 You can create itineraries through an intuitive calendar interface. Saving all the important information about each destination / event in you trip you can access while planning and while on the trip.

🤑 You can track and maintain your trip budget. Track who's paid and who hasn't. Make settling the tab super easy.

👍 One of the hardest parts of trip planning is figuring out what to do or where to stay. Not everyone is always up for the same thing. Use the vote / like button on events to help make group decisions about the trip.

And so much more to come! 🎉

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