Pandoon.cash Dec 19, 2017

Automatically synchronize your crypto transactions and analyze performance

Pandoon.cash is a Portfolio and Coin Tracker with Automatic Trades Synchronization From Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
Being able to follow the performances of the trading activity has became a very arduous task, especially considering the lack of historical data support from most of the global exchanges, topped to the difficulties to tie every transaction to a specific FIAT value at a specific time.
Pandoon.cash solves for that operating as unique aggregator of personal transaction, gathering real time and historical data from multiple exchanges and lock the single FIAT valuation of each transaction, allowing to have a snapshot of your performances across the many different supported exchanges.
Additional features include:
• Transaction Values and Portfolio values expressed in FIAT currencies (EUR/USD) and native currency calculated at the time of the transaction
• New cryptocurrencies discovery
• Widgets showing fast growing currencies, sponsored, newly listed
• Watch supported market pairs and set price alarms (alerts)
• Notifications on newly listed pairs
VIP members features:
• Automatic transaction sync every hour
• Newly added pairs on supported exchanges digest alerts
• SMS Alerts
• Capital Gain Calc

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