Orcaso Feb 20, 2019

We have Gamified Project Management. Plan, Work and Celebrate.

Orcaso is a project management tool to plan and manage all your projects.

Blank canvas page to plan out all the tasks.
Shared workspace for your team to collaborate.
Feeds to check on your progress visually.

Orcaso is simple. Gives you freedom, choice and motivation to work.

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Deepak Kumar

I am Deepak Kumar, founder, and CEO @Orcaso.io.

We built Orcaso to help product makers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, the solopreneurs to complete their dream projects on time.

We believe that plan making is a key ingredient in helping you achieve your goals on time. Orcaso gives you a blank canvas to break down your goals into tiny blocks of tasks and later move them to a shared workspace with your team to collaborate and choose tasks to work. We gamified the product to give you a visual picture of your progress as well motivate you with small virtual honors.

I invite everyone to pick up the tool, play with it and get jobs done.
Use coupon code "ENDURENOW" and claim the product at just 2$/month.

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