Miraar Aug 16, 2018

Automated client follow up for busy millennial freelancers

Ever had a client who agrees to do something (send files, approve drafts quickly) in a meeting, then when you email to follow up they're unresponsive? This feet dragging by your client means deadlines get missed and you are constantly having to remember to follow up to get what you need to continue working!!!! AARRRHHHHH

No more. Miraar.com is a friendly virtual assistant for busy freelancers (or anyone who has to remind others constantly).
Tell Miraar what you need from the other person and when you need it by and Miraar will send friendly reminders. Miraar even gives you a profssional, neat form for your clinets to fill, making sure their is no confusion on their side of the equation. Leaving you with peace of mind that your clients have every opportunity to help the project move smoothly.

If this sounds like you come check us out.... There is a Free Forever Plan so come on in an join the busy people club.

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chris obrien

Hey there everyone.
Let me know your thoughts on this.
It's a legit problem I have at least once or twice a week.
Give me your opinions good, bad and ugly.

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