Metering.ai Apr 26, 2023

Meter your product’s usage for free and bill your customers on Stripe.

Bridge the gap between product usage and Stripe billing with just 3 clicks. Meter your product’s usage and send it to Stripe without manual effort. No more billing errors or disputes due to complicated Excel calculations.

With metering.ai, you can price your product, the way it makes sense for your business. Not based on the limitations of your billing system.

Metering.ai is a free add-on to your existing billing system (whether that’s Chargebee, Zuora, Recurly or Stripe) which unlocks pricing models that were previously not an option for your business.

The best part? It’s completely no-code.

If you are a product manager, finance executive or customer success manager involved in the billing operations of your B2B SaaS company, Metering.ai saves 20+ hours of manual effort and converts your usage data into metered inputs on Stripe for automated invoicing with zero code.

In short, metering.ai is usage based billing workflows - on autopilot

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