Metalinq Dec 21, 2022

Level-Up your Game with Integrated Wallet, New Economy, & Tradable Assets

Metalinq has created a suite of APIs and SDKs to make it easy for game developers to integrate the latest web3 tech into their games: fiat onramps; integrated wallet; new economy; and tradable assets.

With our APIs, you can create a seamless experience for gamers to use in-game items and your in-game currency without EVER leaving your game. You can manage the wallet in the background using familiar web2 primitives like Oauth with Facebook and Google while creating a non-custodial wallet.

In simple terms, we don’t hold your gamer’s crypto; they still own it on their own while removing the hassle of installing a crypto wallet, buying crypto, and doing all the transactions.

Metalinq is offering 50% more free API calls for the ones who sign-up for early access (before 15 February)!

Join here: https://metalinq.tech/

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